Price list

Surf more, worry less.

Beginner surf lessons

An initiation of surfing and to fall in love with it!

Duration: 90 minute

Here you will learn the basics of surfing and get to practice with an instructor in the ocean. We use soft boards at first and then later moving onto fiberglass boards when your level allows it.

This is the ultimate surf initiation experience. Made for kids, adults or the whole family!

1 day US$45
2 daysUS$90
3 daysUS$120
5 daysUS$175
7 days US$240
10 daysUS$325

Intermediate surf lessons

Bringing your surfing skills to another level

Duration: 90 minute

In the intermediate lesson the student will learn how to catch waves before they break. The surf lessons will focus on paddling past the whitewater and to catch a wave by yourself. You will be riding a wave from the peak and understand the surf ethics. (priorities on the waves etc.). This class is great if you already know the basics and want to improve to surf by yourself.

1 dayUS$45
2 daysUS$90
3 daysUS$120
5 daysUS$175
7 daysUS$240

Looking for advanced surf lessons or guided surf tour in the area?

Ask us for infos!


You only need a board? We can also arrange that for you! Long term prices also available.

1 day$25 US
3 days$60 US
7 days$120 US
2 weeks$ 200 US
3 weeks$ 250 US
1 month$ 300 US