Longboard lessons

Surfing can also look like dancing…

Surf Level:

Beginner – Advanced

Surfing a longboard is a different technique than riding a shortboard. It can be quit fun to learn to surf a longboard because you can surf all year-round and tiny waves as 1-2 feet high.

A longboard measures nine feet or longer. And as the board is bigger, it offers a good floatation and a bigger area to play on. It also offers you better stability.

Longboard lessons

Our lessons are made for beginner to learn or to seek guidance for advance surfers.

In this class, you will get to practice on the ground. Know how to walk on your board and being coach by Victor, our founder and longtime Dominican longboarder.

1 day70$
3 days a week200$

Would highly recommend Victor for absolute beginners or experienced surfers looking to improve specific parts of their surfing. I started surfing about three years ago and have been coached by Victor on and off for two years. My surfing has improved so much. In the beginning, he helped me optimize my popup and understand the fundamentals. Now, we do video coaching, which has helped me fix bad habits and get noticeably better quickly. He’s good at explaining things, knows a lot, and really cares.

– Jason Soroka